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Verbeia River Essence - Julian's Bower

  • £1500

10ml.  Created with organic vodka.

The Verbeia River Essences were made with the energies of the River Wharfe, starting from sources, at Tor Dyke and Beckermonds, then travelling through Kettlewell, the Strid, Olicana, Cawood and reaching the North Sea at the Humber Estuary, at Julian’s Bower. 

The Wharfe flowed into the Ouse at Cawood and carried its energies out tot he Humber Estuary, out to sea and to the rest of the world!  Here we are on the South Shore of the Estuary at Julian's Bower, one of the only remaining turf labyrinths in Britain, reputed to date back to the time of Roman Britain. In view of the estuary, the essence bottle was placed at the centre.  The path was not totally clear, so a dowsing rod was used, and it led in quite a surprising way. Instead of simply pointing the way back, turning through 180 degrees, at the quarter points, the rod created a full turn before then pointing the way through 180 degrees.  The full 360 degrees were taken in , before moving on.  Amazing!  

At this point, the waters of Tor  Dyke, Beckermonds and all points along the River now flow out to sea. The essence reflects the completion of the task and project, but also indicates a readiness and energy for the next exciting plans and steps on life's pathway. 

‘I belong’

Feeling the new becoming permanent

Bursting with strength

‘Natural transmitter’

Natural part of landscape

‘You are no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here’












Open throat and clear heart

Improved sleep

No more procrastinating’

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