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Verbeia River Essence - Kettlewell

  • £1500

10ml.  Created with organic vodka.

The Verbeia River Essences were made with the energies of the River Wharfe, starting from sources, at Tor Dyke and Beckermonds, then travelling through Kettlewell, the Strid, Olicana, Cawood and reaching the North Sea at the Humber Estuary, at Julian’s Bower. 

Kettlewell is an ancient farming settlement, where the water from Tor Dyke meets the flow from Beckermonds. The waters flow together rapidly here.  The tumultuous water passed its energies to the water in the essence bottle, with the following aspects:

Working with purpose and fun 

Doing those things that have been put off for a long time

Growth of activity

Energy flow upwards

Relaxing after a day’s work



Slow, steady

Feeling embraced

Purifying , relaxing layers - fascia, muscles

Increased self-esteem

Heart chakra open

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