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Verbeia River Essence - Olicana

  • £1500

10ml.  Created with organic vodka.

The Verbeia River Essences were made with the energies of the River Wharfe, starting from sources, at Tor Dyke and Beckermonds, then travelling through Kettlewell, the Strid, Olicana, Cawood and reaching the North Sea at the Humber Estuary, at Julian’s Bower. 

In Oilcana, present-day Ilkley, the two surviving altar stones to Verbeia are found within the site of the Roman fortress. The essence was made in the river as near to the fortress as possible, then on the ancient altar stone to Verbeia.  This essence brought through the following energies:

Determination to move on and resolve issues


Increased strength and self-confidence

Increase in personal power

Past hurts cleared

Stick with issues, no matter what, ride the turbulence and the storm. 

Joy in solving problems


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