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Important News on Increased Shipping Costs

Posted by YFE Office on

We will be increasing our shipping costs to the USA ( to be referred to as World Zone 3 ) with effect from 1 July 2020. 

From 1 July 2020, Royal Mail are introducing significant increases from the UK to the USA. Unfortunately, we have no option other than to increase our own shipping charges to the USA to reflect this.

This is explained by Royal Mail as a direct consequence of increased delivery costs passed on to them by the US, together with the use of ( more expensive) air freight in place of air passenger flights due to Covid-19.

New US shipping charges will be as follows : 

Up to £50                       £15

£50 to £100                    £25

£100 to £250                   £30

Over £250                       £40

Orders posted to the USA before 1 July 2020  will remain at current rates.


Thank you for your understanding.   

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