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Scintilla Essences: Catalysts for Change! Shifting animal energies at Summer Solstice!

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Flower essences for animals - and their owners, too!

Do you have or know an animal whose behaviour is challenging or puzzling? Would you like to boost their emotional health and wellbeing? 

We are celebrating moving into our second year by launching  ‘Scintilla for Animals’. The Scintilla for Animals essences combine Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Essences in specific ways designed to support animals (and their people,) at times of particular emotional difficulties. 

They are very easy to use, and each essence comes with a leaflet on its use. 

The essences come in a colourful package that offers safe storage, too.  

There are seven combination essences, in the Scintilla for Animals range, each with a focus on a particular emotional state or behaviour, found frequently in animals.  

Read more about the Scintilla for Animals essences here:

The Scintilla for Animals essence combinations are:

Space/fear aggression, for animals who aggressively protect their own space, due to fear or uncertainty;

Fears, for animals who experience fear from one or more real or imaginary  threat;

Liberation, for unsettled animals, as they form healthy bonds with new owners and new homes;

Separation anxiety, for animals needing support in learning new behaviours when 'home alone';

Grief, for animals who have experienced loss;

Socialisation, for animals still learning to socialise with other animals or lacking confidence in social situations;

Transition, for animals moving through key changes in their life.


These combinations have been trialled with over 100 animals, mainly during 2016, and the results have led to the creation of the final seven carefully balanced combinations of essences, bringing together positive energies from our  three ranges of essences, Bailey, Bach and Verbeia. 

There have been some remarkable changes in animals’ behaviour as a result of using these combinations.

For example, one dog, Harry, had been severely ill-treated all his life and had been rehomed from an animal shelter, where it had been feared that he would be ‘unrehomeable’, such was his level of trauma, fear, stress, depression and hopelessness. He made no eye contact and went to great lengths to avoid all physical contact with his new people. He could not rest, nor walk out on a lead. 

His owner said, ‘Harry was in a very dark place, and I could see no way out for him.’ He received over several months the essence that was to become the ‘Liberation’ essence in the Scintilla range.  

His owner has since written, ‘ We now have full eye contact, and he looks to me for reassurance. He walks calmly on a collar and lead, and his serious panic attacks are behind him. He is engaging with his ‘inner puppy’ (he had never been allowed to really be a puppy when younger), and is learning to become a house dog and member of our family of four dogs and two humans. The essences have literally been a life-saver for Harry and myself, enabling him to come out of his dark shell, wag his tail and enjoy his interaction with his environment.’ 

Such was the energy of the combination that is now available as the  ‘Lberation’ combination from the Scintilla range.  

There are many similar stories from the animals who trialled the other combinations and from those whose people have now purchased the full set of Scintilla for Animals essences, to help them through each stage of their life with their animals,  with natural ease and happiness. 

The launch of our ‘Scintilla for Animals’ range coincides with the publishing of Caroline Thomas’s  book ‘The use of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Essences with animals.’ For six years Caroline has used a variety of flower essences with emotionally vulnerable animals, mainly domestic animals.

Her book reports on the trials and outcomes of using the combinations, as well as reflecting on the progress that has become possible for animals and their people, using flower essences, and often using the very same combination essence, as the animal and the person are often found to be mirroring each other’s behaviours and imbalances. Caroline’s book is available through Amazon : 

This Month's Recommended Essences

We are delighted to have collaborated with Caroline in the production of the Scintilla for Animals range. We are reading daily of the benefits of the essences for dogs, cats, horses and other animals.  

This new range of essences was welcomed warmly at the Animal Energy World Conference in Ilkley in May this year, and many participants at the conference were drawn to having the complete set of essence combinations at home, for themselves and their pets , and feedback continues to flow back to us, as we requested, on the effects of the Scintilla essences with troubled animals. 

For this reason, it is the Scintilla Essences that are our focus for the rest of June and we are making them available at a special price for this month only. The full set of seven combination essences, with explanatory leaflet is normally priced at £65, but we are happy to offer this to you this month at £60. Here is the link to purchase.

Just key in the discount code June 2017 at the checkout. 

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