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July 2016 – Transformation

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fireIn her wonderful monthly newsletter, Lena Stevens of the Power Path talks this month about transformation and in particular the transformation of relationship and love. The element of Fire is a symbol of transformation. In a literal sense, Fire transforms all that it burns. Fire becomes ash, which creates a rich and fertile Earth. Spiritually, that transformation can mean transcendence of spirit - transformation of reality into something new - a new awareness. Emotionally, Fire corresponds to joy and excitement, passion and heart-felt connection with other people. One of the organs associated with Fire is the Heart - also known as the Emperor in Chinese medicine. Our Heart is the seat of our emotions and the place where our spirit resides. The more we connect with one another with our Heart energy, the more joy we feel - and the more joy we feel, the more joy we are able to express, spreading warmth and intimacy to all those around us. It's a powerful thing! Imagine if each and every one of us in the world were able to find a way to be in touch with our Hearts, to open up and then to spread the love around. What a transformation that would be! Of course, it all starts with each and every one of us. This month is truly an excellent time to make your Heart your focus. It's a great time for healing hurts and building connections with other people and also within ourselves. In order to open your Heart fully and safely, your Heart Protector needs to be in good shape.
This is the Supplementary Fire that I talked about in last month's newsletter. It is important through this month to continue to stoke your Supplementary Fire energies by paying particular attention to your own self care.  Look after your body, your mind, your spirit. Pamper yourself and give yourself time and love. If this does not come easily to you, consider taking Bog Asphodel. This is an excellent essence for those who feel that they do not have enough time to look after their own needs because they are busy looking after others.

Carry a little pink around with you to remind you to love yourself first, so that your love can over-flow to those around you. Your radiance shines to others. Your self-care, which supports your Heart, brings a radiance to you that shines to others.

Your care of yourself gives permission to those around you to care for themselves properly too. It is so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of the times and to forget or put off our own basic needs. This month would be an excellent month to decide to make a change in that area. Make sure you look after you.Flower Pic - Meadow Rue So long as our Heart is protected properly by our Heart Protector, we should be able to feel the full range of these emotions and this makes it possible to have a full and deep relationship. Having a hurtful relationship with someone who is not honouring us is harmful to our Heart. Sometimes we can heal those relationships, and sometimes it's time to walk away. This month is a good time to take stock of the relationships in our lives and to either walk away, or to fully commit to them. If this is an issue in your life, think of Meadow Rue, and excellent essence to help us to discern that which is healthy for us and that which is not. Sacred Lotus I think that every Fire season I have mentioned Sacred Lotus! But is truly epitomizes the Fire season. It is a powerful essence which opens up our Heart to the love of the Universe and the Divine. It opens us up to the love of the infinite and at the same time helps us to re-radiate that love to the world around us. I had a fantastic visit to the UK this year, although I am happy to be back in Canada with the radiant sunshine. Love to you all and I hope you have a wonderful July.

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