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Verbeia River Essences Set

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7 x 10ml bottles.  Created with organic vodka.

The Verbeia River Essences were made with the energies of the River Wharfe, starting from sources, at Tor Dyke and Beckermonds, then travelling through Kettlewell, the Strid, Olicana, Cawood and reaching the North Sea at the Humber Estuary, at Julian’s Bower. 

Verbeia is a Celtic/Roman goddess, known from altar stones in Ilkley. It is thought that she was probably brought with the troops who occupied Oilcana or Ilkley, for Rome. Verbeia is known as the goddess of Wharfedale and the River Wharfe. 

The essences were trialled by local energy workers and the feedback from each essence is included under each of the seven essences.  Together they prepare us for a journey, a project or activity, summoning up the energy to plan, to collaborate and move into action, to find pleasure in the task and its completion, joy in settling, finding a new balance, ready to take up the next challenge. The journey may be a task we have been intending to tackle for some time,  a  physical journey, or a spiritual journey. 

Not surprisingly, one person who trialled the essences said that they somehow seemed to want to stay together; they seemed to flow together, not wanting to be seen as individuals, more as a totality.  This person thought that these  were flower essences,  and they had no idea that the seven essences were from one river, that they do indeed flow together and they do bring a message to this world right now.  A time for reflection, planning, collaboration and communal joy in action, ready to take our planning to the next level, reaching up through the chakras and the universe and down into the deep earth, flying and grounding at the same time. 

So, the essences are available as one set in a little, natural pouch, carrying us safely on our journey. 

In case you are already on the first stage of the journey, an individual essence may be ordered first,  to support where you are.   Then, as you move on and find the journey of life carries you forward, the other essences may then come forward to offer their support at each stage.  So far, most people have selected to start with Tor Dyke and hold the other six essences in readiness in their pouch, but the choice is yours on how you approach the Verbeia River Essences. 

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