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February 2016 – The Pause

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And we pause before action….

Deep in the Earth, spring is rising. Even though the ground may be frost covered, the snow deep and the air bitingly cold, we can feel the stirrings of the sap. It can be a strange time of year, like the end of a pregnancy, the pause before birth. Time seems suspended and can feel to be moving quite slowly and yet excitement is building, behind the scenes.

And yet we are still in the Water season, still building our stores of creativity and stamina for the spring and summer months of outgoing energy.

Fuji Cherry. For peace and tranquillity.

Care and patience in the pause will bring fruits of deep energy and clarity in the months to come. My favourite essence for staying in the pause, for encouraging deep calm and peace, is Fuji Cherry. And the Fuji Cherry will be with us soon! I love those beautiful delicate blossoms.

If you feel moved, this would be an excellent time of year to re-visit some elemental exercises that are gentle and meditative in nature. The Dance of the Five Elements is short, gentle and supremely meditative once you have learned the movements.

I encourage you to read the writing that goes along with this, as it explains the movements in more depth and helps you to do the meditation with the right intentions.

This year, the seasons feel early to me. We feel to be about to move into the Earth stage that leads on to Wood, with all the emphasis on moving forward with plans that have developed in our creative minds.

In the five element season, we always return to Earth between each of the seasons. This ensures that we stay grounded, centred and nourished so that we are able to maintain a balance between the elements.

Mediterranean Sage Mediterranean Sage is my “go-to” Earthing energy. Those energies of strength, wisdom and rootedness are so beautifully expressed through this lovely essence.

All through the last few newsletters there has been a thread of building and maintaining our Earth energies. I’ve been reflecting on this, and thinking about how desperately the whole of the human race seems to be in need of Earth energies of loving support, maternal protection (not smothering), deep nourishment and connection with our home and our families.

I keep writing about it, because it keeps on needing to be fed.

A deep part of that which is needed now on this planet is connection. Safe, trusting, empathic connection. We are each more powerful that we understand, and we each can play a part in the re-grounding of the human race. And we can do it by attending to our Earth energies. As each one of us becomes truly grounded and heart-centred, we give permission and strength to those around us to do the same. This is the revolution that the Earth and the people on the planet need.

To balance Earth:

Maintain a regular routine – especially in the times of eating and resting.
Eat warm food that nourishes your Spleen energy.
Reach out and make gentle connection with other people. Share food, laughter and loving conversation.

Wild Mallow What holds us back from doing this? What old pattern throws us back into destructive behaviour even as we fully intend to make healthy choices?

Of course, it’s different for each of us, but Wild Mallow can really open our eyes to the nature of forces that may have enslaved us. When we see the root of energies that have possessed us, we can more easily disentangle ourselves and walk a path of freedom.

Later this month, with the Water energy behind us, and the Earth fully supported, our plans for the year can unfold in a beautiful and supported way. It feels that great things are unfolding!

Next time you are out, take the time to stop and lean against a tree for a little while. Feel the rising excitement, but maintain the pause so that the energy builds within us until it naturally overflows.

Look out for the Fuji Cherry! It’ll be with us all soon.

With love and anticipation for the coming times of change and growth.

Becca x


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