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October 2016 – Clearing

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We’re approaching the end of the brief Earth season in Chinese Five Elements and heading rapidly towards Metal.

In last month’s newsletter I talked about the need for being grounded, and gave suggestions for ways to keep your Earth element in balance. All of those things are still important at this time of year. Eat nourishing food, socialise with friends, spend some time clearing and de-cluttering….

In addition, we can remember that one of the functions of Earth is assimilation. On a physical level, we need to allow time for the assimilation of food into our bodies. Basically, we should rest after eating.

On a spiritual level, assimilating life healthily means slowing down a little. Stop and watch the leaves fall, listen to the birds chatter – spend some time in nature so that your body assimilates the changes from summer into autumn.

At the same time, releasing old emotions and ways of being that no longer serve us is very beneficial. Bladder Senna is wonderful for this. It’s a cathartic essence for letting go of guilt and inadequacy – all those things that hold us back from our true potential.

Be gentle with yourself and others.

Remember the need for routine. Most human-beings thrive with a little routine – it makes it easier to keep looking after ourselves properly in busy times. There’s much more here, on this page about keeping Earth balanced.

As the month moves on, we will be moving into Metal. In preparation for this time of purity and clarity, boundary-setting and grief-letting, you can follow on from de-cluttering to actual cleaning. If cleaning your whole house feels overwhelming, just choose the following key areas to clean:

  • Pull out your bed and mop or vacuum underneath it.
  • Wipe the skirting board in the bathroom and clean the back of the toilet.
  • Wipe down the front and back doors and if you have the energy, scrub the steps or wipe the threshold and sweep away the leaves.
  • Clean any air filters that you have.

I still highly recommend spraying around your house with Protection and Clearing at this time of year. It’s just the perfect way to clear and cleanse.

Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend and it’s a wonderful opportunity to feast with friends and share the love.

Enjoy the colours and the wonderful light of these beautiful crisp Autumn days, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

With love
Becca x





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