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December 2016 – Inner Peace

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As we move from Metal to Water, our focus naturally turns more deeply inwards. It’s a great time for reflection and to pay attention to our innate spirituality. And a move, ideally, towards inner peace.


When we extend beyond our ordinary boundaries (even within ourselves) we are in the limitless vastness of Water. This can be a positive experience – or it can be frightening. Fear accompanies the unknown and fear is the emotion that belongs to Water.

It would be easy to fall into a place of fearfulness in the current political climate. What will happen in the UK and North America? We are all fearful of the unknown – the great abyss of Water. And it’s easy to get sucked into the feelings of fear, hopelessness or anger that are swirling round us all right now.


But there’s so much we can do on a personal level to stop the descent of our own thinking, and this inevitably has a knock-on effect to those around us. This ripple of hope, strength, courage and clarity can change everything. When we change the way that we think about something, then we literally cause it to change (quantum physics).

If we can find a way to be in balance, we become like a beacon of light, a star if you like, for others to see and follow. This is the root of change. Literally, change begins with each and every single one of us.


Use Metal to create boundaries and to find clarity, Earth to create a safe place and Fire to keep your Heart open and generous. This allows you to flow with the Water – such tremendous power – without getting caught on the banks of fear. Go where the journey takes you.

You can balance Metal by cleaning and clearing your space.
Earth is balanced by eating earth foods, sharing where you can, laughing and clearing space and bringing gentle routine into your life.
Keep your Heart open (Fire) by practising acts of self-love – essential oil baths, smiling at yourself in the mirror and practising mindfulness.


berries-and-red-candlesWe are heading swiftly towards the Winter Solstice and to Christmas. This is a time of year for counting our blessings, for reaching out to our community, for laughter and reflection. This is the best of Earth (gratitude, generosity, sharing, laughter), Water (reflecting inwards, recognising and embracing spirituality) and Fire (being around the light that reminds us that the darkness passes).

I do so love this time of year – for me it’s an invitation to party and rest in equal measure. I love dinners with friends – and I love curling up in an armchair with a good book. When we add a little inner reflection, we have a perfect mix for the season.
From this place of balance, in good time, will come the energy of Wood to help us to rise up, plan and move forward in a positive way.

Inner Peace

To encourage some inner peace on earth, we have a special offer on the Meditation spray for the month of December.

Of course, you don’t need to spray this just before you sit in formal meditation. Spraying this around will bring general feelings of peace and mindfulness into your space. The essences together are a beautiful tonic for the stress and tension of the times.

Meditation Spray

The supportive inner teacher, the guide. Forms links with our soul and encourages intuition.

Taps into our hidden wisdom encouraging us to embrace change with joy.

Helps us to relax and take life less seriously. The key essence for personal tranquillity.

For the busy mind. This remedy helps bring quietness and detachment.

Increases powers of insight, whilst preventing us from becoming emotionally entangled with what we perceive.

For bringing peace and unification to body, mind, spirit and soul.

Also in the meditation sprays are the following essential oils:

Lavender, to bring one into balance and aid relaxation.
Frankincense to soothe the mind and calm the spirit and
Sandalwood for deep relaxation.

Simply spray around whenever tensions and fear arise to promote calmness and attention to the present moment.

Please don’t think for one moment that I am saying, calm down, chill out and “don’t act”…. Of course sign petitions, share on facebook, attend rallies, speak up to friends, write letters, volunteer at shelters – action is golden. But also, tend your own home so that the light shining through the door welcomes all around you into community and well-being. This is where true power arises.

Meditation just could save the world you know! Venturing into the depths of Water with intention, with our Hearts full of love, we can fill ourselves with clarity, courage and light which will naturally spill over to those around us.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Solstice and a very happy new year.

With love
Becca x

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