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Essential News from Ilkley, April 2017

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Becca explained last month that March was to be her final newsletter for the moment for Bailey Essences. This is a reflection of it being already over a year since we began working as Yorkshire Flower Essences Ltd, incorporating Bailey Essences and Verbeia Essences and Body Care. We remain in the same office and production accommodation as ever, in Nelson Road, Ilkley, the home of Chris Bailey.

First of all, we would like to thank you for all the lovely messages that were sent in, as a result of Becca’s blog, showing how much you have valued her many newsletters, with their focus on the Five Elements approach to health, seasons and life in general. Your messages have been passed on to Becca in Canada.

To begin these newsletters that will be coming to you roughly every month from our base in Ilkley, we thought it a good idea to remind you of what brought Yorkshire Flower Essences into being and how we are working together now with the Bailey range of essences. This gives us a chance to introduce to you everyone involved directly with the production of essences, the processing of orders and the development of the company.

Firstly, here is Chris Bailey…

As you know, Chris founded Bailey Essences with the late Dr Arthur Bailey and her daughter Becca. Becca is now living in Canada but remains very supportive of the new arrangements.

Chris is directly involved, particularly in the making of replacement Mother Tinctures and in dowsing for dosage bottles, when requested. Some regular users of Bailey essences request a bottle of dowsed combination essences every month to support them in whatever is going on in their lives at that time. Other people request a dowsed dosage bottle just occasionally, when they have a particular need.

Here is Chris gathering flowers and making an essence:

Once the essences are made, they are stored in the Production Room, under the skilled and knowledgeable care of Jan, our Production Manager. Jan has worked with the essences for many years and has kept the shelves stocked with the full range of Bailey single essences and the combination essences.

Here is a picture of Jan, busy in the Production Room:

Most orders are received through the online shop now,, with just a few orders arriving in the post and over the telephone.

Hayley is our Office and Communications Manager and she looks after the processing and shipping of your order, packing up your parcel, franking it for postage and taking it to the Post Office in Ilkley, from where it finds its way to you.

Here is a picture of Hayley in the main office of Yorkshire Flower Essences:

The development of the company and new areas of activity are the remit of Nicky Whitehead and myself, Jenny Howarth. We have been involved with the essences for just over a year now and are becoming increasingly familiar with the essences and everything that is involved in their production and distribution.

We are both practising Homeopaths and bring this experience into our use and understanding of the flower essences. Also, we have both worked for many years in industry and commerce, so this is all useful when planning the possible routes forward for the company.

Above all, we are committed to bringing the essences to as wide a range of people and users as possible.

As a Homeopath and user of essences, I produced my own small range of essences and body care products, made using essences of the Wharfe Valley exclusively. Not surprisingly, that range is called Verbeia, after the Celtic Roman goddess of Wharfedale.

The full Verbeia range is now a part of Yorkshire Flower Essences, alongside the Bailey Essences, and may be found on the Yorkshire Flower Essences website.

Nicky and I are busy with development and support of the company most days, sometimes in the office, as shown here, where Nicky is talking through a query with a customer on the phone, and sometimes outside the office, meeting with local businesses and government support organisations who are all helping us on our way!

Here is Nicky:

As mentioned, I have used essences, alongside homeopathic remedies for many years, and also made the Verbeia range. Here is a picture of me, Jenny, on Ilkley Moor, walking and deciding which essence was calling to be made.


This is a very important year for Bailey Essences; it is 50 years since Arthur Bailey began making the essences in 1967.

So, look out for our next newsletter where we will reflect and remind ourselves of this wonderful heritage range of essences. We will also introduce you to one of the routes forward that we have been developing.

There are several new products in the pipeline and we hope that you will be interested to read about them.

This Month’s Recommended Essence

For now, at this time of Spring and full moon, we have been asked several times to offer essences to help handle these times when we are so full of the new energy of Spring that we are tempted to take on almost too much, and we may begin to feel a little overwhelmed, and not able to actually complete any of what we started. If this could be you or someone you know, we suggest that you give a little thought to Solomon’s Seal.

Here is a short description: For the busy mind, this remedy helps to bring quietness and detachment. We do not see that it is the act of being busy that is the real problem. A full description can be found here.

If this resonates with you this month, you could take advantage of the special offer, a 20% reduction on this essence during all of April. Just key in April in the discount box when ordering.

Thank you for reading this newsletter and your continuing interest in the essences of Yorkshire Flower Essences. More soon! Stay well with the essences: Catalysts for Change.

Jenny, Nicky and the Yorkshire Flower Essences Team.

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