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Farewell for now….

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This is a momentous newsletter for me marking the end of an era. It’s time to say farewell for now.

It is a year since the business was passed on to Jenny and Nicky from me. Chris is still very much involved, but I am no longer a part of the business. As part of the agreement, I said I would continue to write this newsletter for a year after the changes. This newsletter marks the end of that year.

My friends, it is time for me to move on to new pastures! I have enjoyed writing this newsletter each month. The five elements are central to the way we live in our family. The newsletter made a focal point for us to work around – to remind us of the power of the natural cycles of the earth and the energies within it. I have loved this writing!

If any of you feel drawn to continue working with the energy of the five elements cycle through the months and years, I highly recommend Gail Reichstein’s book, Wood Becomes Water. I have relied heavily on this book in writing each month. There are many other books I love, but this one is easily the most accessible. In addition, the newsletters written over the last couple of years will stay on the site and they remain just as relevant as the years go by.

One thing I have noticed is this. The cycle really is a cycle. So when I write about a certain element within its season, it is inevitable that it touches us – because the timing is right. And of course, because we are all human and we do all feel the same things to differing degrees.

You are me and I am you.

What I feel, you feel.

We are each intimately capable of recognising ourselves in each other, if we only open our eyes.

In this recognition, we can bring true compassion into our daily relationships.

Without our eyes and hearts open to receive, it’s easy to think of everyone else as the “other”. With softness and compassion, open hearts and eyes, we can find the similarity and therein is the potential for healing.

Spring energy often brings sweeping changes. It’s time to clear, clean, bring shine and sparkle to your life, dust away cobwebs and allow space for new growth.

It’s a wonderful time of year to literally spring-clean your house – moving along old things, making space for the new and freeing up the energy. If clearing out is difficult for you, try the Bailey clearing spray. It can have surprising effects! We sometimes used to spray it around Arthur’s room when it was getting cluttered (Arthur was a self-confessed hoarder) and then we’d stand back and watch the clearing commence. 🙂

Finally, it is 50 years this coming spring since Arthur made his first flower essence! We don’t know the exact date, but we know that the rhododendron was in full flower, because that was one of the first six that he made that day. I suspect that it was probably late April.

I know that Jenny and Nicky have some celebrations in mind, and you’ll hear from them directly about that. I know that they intend to carry on the newsletter, just in a slightly different format and with a different emphasis.

I may do some writing in the future on particular essences and I will look forward to being in touch with you if I do.

It has been an honour to be allowed into your inbox each month.  I wish you good health, happiness and peace for the future.

With lots of love and farewell for now.



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