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February 2017 – Finding Courage

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Finding Courage

At this time we are still in the depths of the season of Water in the Chinese Five Elements. When our Water is in balance, we are able to meet our daily lives with courage and equanimity. We can go with the ebb and flow of life. We take the highs and the lows in our stride. However, when Water is out of balance, it can’t support our courage. Our fears rise up and threaten to swamp us.


I mentioned fear in my last two newsletters. Fear is gathering itself as the political storm in the world swirls up. It can be easy to be swept up with the emotion, allowing oneself to feel powerless and inadequate, alarmed and angry. But those same fears can be present in our lives for all sorts of different reasons. Fear of illness, fear of failure, fear of success – the list goes on.

It makes me think of the AA acronym for fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Fears deny us our freedom and happiness. Fears is a composite Bailey Essence that helps us to shed light on our fears so that we can see them for what they are.

"That which has light shone upon it loses its shadow".

The Fears composite contains:

Betony for unrecognisable fears that can make us feel unworthy.

Greater Celandine for those who fear their spiritual dimension, the core of their being.

Mahonia for fear of our own inner power.

We have the power!

Facing our shadow-side supports and grows our courage. It puts us in touch with our inner knowing that we can handle whatever arises in our life. We sometimes don’t know our strength until we’re tested in some way. When difficulties arise in our lives and our Water is in balance, we surprise ourselves with our courage. We simply take one step after another without becoming drawn in to the emotions.

Sometimes we feel a subtle undercurrent of panic. This is especially true at this time of year. As we begin the shift from Water to Wood, we feel that we should know what we’re doing. What’s the plan? What should we do? We may not know which path to take on a personal level or a business level. Or perhaps we don’t know what to do about a world-wide situation. As is so often the case, the answer lies within.

Our wise inner self

When we tune in to our wise self, we know what we need to do for our best health and well-being. The knowledge is already there – we just need to hear and be aware. This wise self is with us always – our intuition, our guide. Almond essence reminds us of our soul’s true journey and puts us in touch with our inner wisdom.

Almond is a very empowering essence to take at any time. Each one of us holds the power of our own wisdom, brought to us through the ages with our ancestors. This wisdom is available to us should we choose to connect within.

Meditation can help

Chris Bailey sitting MeditatingWe are still in the deeply spiritual time of Water, and meditation and inner work is the key to our happiness in many ways. As we move through February we approach the season of Wood, the spring time explosive energy of cleaning, planning and new ventures. You will be able to grasp the energy of Wood with more ease, fun and purpose if you tend your inner needs now.

There is a page on our website with more information on meditation that you can find here.  Also, Rachel Singleton wrote a beautiful newsletter last month with some lovely words of advice on building a meditation practice.Finally, if you prefer guided meditations, there is a lovely site called The Honest Guys with many free meditations that you can listen to.

Wishing you a beautiful February with rising energy for the Spring time to come.


Becca x

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