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May 2016 – Protection in order to open

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We’ll be in England soon! I can hardly wait. I hope I haven’t missed the bluebells. I hear they are early this year. And yet I long to sit in the bluebell woods and breathe in the amazing scent of the bluebells. Bluebells lift my energy.

April was a chaotic month in terms of energy – it often is! And unless your Wood energies are well balanced, it can be quite hard to handle. After this period of unsettlement, it is good to take care of yourself in terms of clearing and cleansing – and one of the best essences for this is Protection and Clearing. We are still in the season of Wood, and as such, this is a very good time of the year to spring clean.

You can use Protection and Clearing in many different ways, and I thought I would focus a little this time on a few things to try.

Put a few drops of Protection and Clearing into a spray bottle and spray around to clear the energies of a room. You can use any spray bottle for this, or you can use Protection and Clearing Spray ready made with essential oils.

Add Protection and Clearing to the water that you use to cleanse your crystals for an extra boost. Or spray it on afterwards and then polish them with a soft cloth.

Before you go out, especially if it is windy, or if you are going to somewhere and you think there might be lots of psychic energy flying about, put a few drops of Protection and Clearing on the skin at the base of the back of your neck and rub it all around. This will cover an acupuncture point called DU14 which is between C7 and T1 vertebrae. DU14 helps to prevent the evil wind entering your body – and using it with Protection and Clearing gives it an added boost.

Put a drop of Protection and Clearing on a sprig of rosemary or some white sage and tuck it into a wreath on your door for extra energy protection for your home.

And of course, you can make it up into a prescription bottle and take Protection and Clearing internally for protection and connection to self.

Essences that make up Protection and Clearing

Black Locust is the classic essence to use in cases of psychic attack, and Scarlet Pimpernel is fabulous when a person has their hooks into you, and White Cherry is great for unblocking old energy patterns. Together these three essences are fabulous protection essences. But the essence I particularly wanted to focus on for use at this time is the Lichen essence.

“when we feel alienated from the source of our being, life can be very difficult and unrewarding. Indeed, in extreme circumstances we may feel that there is just no point in going on living.” – Arthur Bailey

Lichen encourages renewal of the bond between us and everything else that is. We are one, but sometimes we forget or become alienated from that. Often in life this can result in a lack of purpose. Or in feelings of betrayal, lost love, stress and sadness.

It reminds me of a lovely book that I used to read to my boys when they were little called Becoming Me – a story of creation by Martin Boroson and Christopher Gilvan-Cartwright.

“And sometimes you realise you are me.” On a beautiful picture of light.
“Sometimes you forget that everything else is me too.” On a picture of tanks and guns and war.

When we become alienated from our purpose, from our inner source, we are diminished. We can fall into the trap of thinking that we need to be separate, that we are more powerful as an individual. We can feel that we are individual. And of course, we are. But we are also one.

Protection sprayOur true power comes in surrender to one.

Protection and Clearing helps us to clear energies that pull us back from this place of power and opens us up to deep trust in the world and our process.

Protection and Clearing is one of the most powerful Bailey essences, and one that I certainly would never be without.

Also available in spray form with essential oils of Rose Otto, Grapefruit and Lavendar.
(You should use a fast voice, like that in a commercial when you read this….)

I hope you have a wonderful month, and that I might see a few of you on the various workshops I am running (click here for more information).

With love
Becca x


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