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June 2016 – Fun

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As we move into June, we also move into Supplementary Fire – the first part of the season of Fire in Chinese Five Elements.

Supplementary Fire is about filling our cup with love so that we can overflow naturally into the world. We can do this by having fun and pampering ourselves. Yay! I love this time of year!

Have fun with massage, visit a spa, have friends round and paint your nails together, indulge in a funny romance, play Bananagrams….. Any or all of these things that make you feel special and loved and that you’re having fun.

Grey Bridesmaid DressesFire is very much linked to our Heart, which is the Emperor in Chinese medicine. Our Heart is the home of our spirit and gives us the ability to relate to others and to find joy in living. But it’s also the place where we can feel hurt and sorrow, and because of this, we have a Heart Protector.

The Heart Protector has a special job to do. It is there to protect our Heart from unexpected hurt by closing down access to the Heart when circumstances require it. But it also is there to open up the gateway again in order to allow positive deep feelings to be felt.

Sometimes when we have been hurt often, our Heart Protector keeps our safe-guards in place all the time, even when we don’t need it. Although this means that our feelings are not so easily hurt, it also means that we can’t feeldeep positive emotions either – and this stops us from living a truly fulfilled life.

Luckily there are plenty of essences to help:

Dog Rose is a lovely flower essence that beautifully embodies supplementary fire. Dog Rose is like a comforting friend that supports us through any feelings of grief or loneliness.

Almond is another beautiful essence that supports the development of our intuition.
Life is not fixed on a certain path – unexpected things happen. Almond encourages the building of trust and intuition which means that we can learn to close our gateways as needed – but open them up again as soon as we can so that we can express ourselves fully.

Arizona Fir encourages celebration of our life and existence – just exactly the way it is now. So often we spend our time thinking that everything would be OK if only…… (insert: we had more money, more time, family closer by – or further away!) Actually if we can fall into a place of acceptance – not fatalistic acceptance – but true celebrated acceptance – our lives would improve immeasurably.

Arizona Fir encourages this celebration. Otherwise our lives can be a path of constant suffering as we focus on all that could be, rather than all that is.

In the spirit of pampering, here’s a lovely idea that you can do to introduce a little spa love into your life.

You need:
1 cup of bath salts (we used pink Himalayan and Epsom salts)
3 drops each of Bailey essences:
Dog Rose
Arizona Fir
1 drop of Rose oil
a few rose petals
A few candles
A good book
A hot bath

Take a handful of bath salts and mix in a bowl with the oils and essences.

Light some candles and fill the bath with warm water and the salt mixture.

Relax in bath for 20 minutes with the book – or just reflect on life!

I’m truly enjoying my holiday in England and looking forward to this weekend when I will run the Wise Living with Five Elements workshopwhich is now full.

There are still a couple of places left on the Practical Five Elements workshop on 19th June, if anyone would like to attend.

Love to you all
Becca x

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